Hidden Valley Guided Tours

In the fall of 2017 there is a Hidden Valley show meant to bring awareness to Hidden Valley. For the past thirteen years  Kitchener and the Region of Waterloo have been encouraged to aim towards bringing into public ownership the Environmentally Protected Area (EPA) inside Hidden Valley and thus guaranteeing that this wonderful natural heritage area would be protected for generations to come.  This juried exhibit brings attention to Hidden Valley, a natural treasure that should be expanded and preserved.

They are looking for submission of photographs and we have our own guided tour guide available to us for hikes at Hidden Valley. Hidden Valley is in the heart of Kitchener, and has never been farmed before.

People are welcomed to walk the trails any time, and join the guided hikes. Since the show deadline is about a year away there is plenty of time to go out several times and capture images of various seasons.

To add your name to guided tour, please fill out the form below:


For more information see the Homer Watson House and Gallery site.