GRIPS Scavenger Hunt 2016

Send submissions by memory stick to Mary Lynn Muir at either of the two March meetings or to any time in March.

*Label each picture by the category listed below. Please submit only one photo per category. You can submit a photo for every category, or just whatever categories you want!  Please size your images no greater than 1400 horizontal, 1050 vertical.

If you have any questions, write me, Wendy Weinberg, at  Happy Hunting!

  1. abandoned
  2. chairs
  3. cheating hearts
  4. eyes
  5. graffiti/street art
  6. guilty pleasures
  7. holy
  8. joy
  9. larger than life
  10. mechanical
  11. monkeying around
  12. movement
  13. path
  14. rust
  15. spontaneous
  16. sustenance
  17. synergy
  18. windows and/or doors