Round 2 – In Club Entry Form for APRIL 14, 2016

Entries are now being accepted for Round 2 In-club Competition and both prints and digital files may be submitted up until APRIL 4th.  Prints must be delivered to the club meeting on APRIL 11th at the latest (if a little more time is needed make arrangements with Caroline); digital entries (including a digital version of a print) must be submitted using the form below by the deadline. Before you start:

  • Read the Competitions Manual 2015-2016  (the submission dates for this round have been changed to above dates)  Specifically pay attention to the file naming and image title and size.
  • Read the category and theme information for the 2015-16 in-club competitions.  Please read this carefully – ineligible submissions will not be judged.
  • If this is your first GRIPS competition and your level is not listed, you should complete the Competition Entry Levels form.
  • Resize and name your files correctly – files that exceed the maximum size will be automatically rejected