Other competitions

Inter-club Competitions

GRIPS participates in several friendly competitions with other photography and camera clubs. These include the “Eggbert Competition” between GRIPS and the Brantford Camera Club, the “Grand Valley Image Battle” where several clubs in the surrounding areas compete for a trophy, and the GTCCC inter-club competition, held in Toronto.

Grand Valley Image Battle

Each year, since 1974, a friendly competition  has been held between a group of camera clubs located roughly within the vicinity of the Grand River Valley.  This started as a competition for slides only, but with the arrival of digital cameras, changed to include prints as well as slides, then later digital images were also included.  Around 2009 slides were dropped, the name was changed to Grand Valley Image Battle (GVIB) and the competition is now open to prints and digital photos only.

GRIPS is the current winner and we are looking to defend our title in 2016!  Here are details for the 2016 competition.

CAPA Club Competitions

CAPA Competition Guidelines for 2015-16

CAPA Competition List for 2015-16

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