Competition Submission Rules

2015-16 Competition Details

This document contains the category and theme information for the 2015-16 in-club competitions.  Please read this carefully – ineligible submissions will not be judged.  Competitions Manual 2015-2016

NOTE: Print entries are delivered at club meeting on the due date. A digital version of the print must be uploaded with the other digital entries.


  • Print Size: Prints must be no smaller than 80 square inches (for example, 8×10 or 7×14 or 6×13, etc) and no larger than 16″X20″. (The exception is the triptych theme, where individual images may be any size, but the overall submission of 3 images may be no larger than 16″x20″.)
  • Mounting: Images must be mounted on clean, firm board (such as white or black foam core), measuring exactly 16″x20″. The front and back of the board must be free of any substance which may cause damage to other entries, such as glue, staples, tape, etc.
  • Mattes are optional, but must be neutral colour (black, white, grey, cream) only.
  • Processing: Prints may be made from film (slides or negatives) or digital files and may be printed commercially or by the maker. However, all digital processing must be done by the entrant. No identification is to be visible on the front of the image or matte.
  • Identification must be on the back of the mounted print in the upper left hand corner with the Title, Name of maker, Competition Date and an arrow indicating the top of the print. A digital copy of printed images must be submitted with the print.