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Results of the first competition in 2015/2016

2016 In-club Competition Themes

These are the two ‘Theme’s for Round 1 and Round 2 for 2015-16:

Round 1 – Collections

This theme is designed to highlight collections/groups of similar things.  The main subject of the image must be a group of like objects or materials that are accumulated in one place.  The grouping(s) must be similar in shape or texture or color or function as long as this feature unites them.  They must be captured in the camera without multiple exposures and not computer generated.

Round 2 – Water

This theme is an exploration of water.  The image is to depict water in any of its states… steam, ice, rain,  etc., any of the ways you can find it.  Again the image must be captured in camera and not computer generated.

Please read the Competitions Manual for 2015-2016 and make note of any changes.  Not all dates are firm as of yet and some not decided.  The most important change to note is the image size for competition – this upcoming year we ARE changing to the CAPA standard of 1400 x 1050 SRGB.

I will post the CAPA competitions list shortly.  We are still in need of a CAPA representative!!

It looks like summer is finally here so I hope you all enjoy it.




Eggbert Competition for 2015

Hi Everyone…….

The submission form is now loaded.  You can find it in the Competition dropdown menu or just click on this link to get to the page.

Submission Information

Submit two of the images you love.  We’ll need to enter 30 and it’s completely open – nature, creative, pictorial…..send whatever you like.

Round 2 In-Club Competition Entry Form for April 23rd, 2015

The entry form is now available for uploading you images for competition.  You’ll find it at the top of the Competitions drop down menu or click the link below.  I changed the submission date…moved it up to April 13th for both the digital and the print submissions.  Don’t forget that you must submit a digital image for your print as well.  All instructions are very clear on the form as per file naming, title length, etc.  and the information is also available in the Competition Manual too.

So get your entries in!!  Don’t be shy…consider it a learning tool to further advance your capabilities and technical skill.  Most importantly, do it because you love what you’ve created and want to share.  There is a lot of talent in our club and we all want to see it.  🙂

Round 2 – In Club Entry Form for April 23rd, 2015



Competition Updates and KPL

Hello everyone!!

I just posted the Competition Manual updates.  The schedule has been updated and some things in the Manual itself.  So take a look.  Take note also that there will be no Nature category for Round 2.  We’re going to try something different and have switched it to Portrait instead.  There is a definition for what will be accepted for Portraits in the Manual.

In-club Round 2 – Live judging on Thursday April 23, 2015 @ 7pm

Eggbert – Thursday May 14, 2015 @ 7pm (GRIPS is hosting this year)


For those of you who have a picture hanging at the Kitchener Public Library…it’s up!!

We hung the images this past weekend and they all look wonderful.  Thanks to those who were there to help.  So make sure you all get out there and take a look.  Our gala evening is on March 11th @ 7pm.  I’ll be sending out the invitations to all those involved and you can forward them to everyone that you’d like to attend.  Of course all GRIPS members are invited.  🙂

That’s it for now.  I’ll get some of the In-club Round 1 winning images posted as soon as I can.




In Club Competition Round 2

Round 2 – In Club Competition

Entries are now being accepted for Round 2 In-club Competition and may be submitted up until March 10 .  Prints must be delivered to the  club meeting; digital entries (including a digital version of a print) must be submitted using the online form found under competitions.

Round 3 In-club entries now open

Entries may now be uploaded for Round 3 In-club Competition and are due no later than April 8.

Digital photos, including digital version of prints, must be uploaded using the In-club  Competition Entry Form.  Print entries must be submitted at the club meeting on April 8.

Eggbert Competition Entries now open!

The 2013 Eggbert Competition (a friendly rivalry between GRIPS and the Brantford Camera Club) is coming soon!  We’re now accepting one or two photos per member for consideration by the Competition Committee to include as part of the GRIPS entry of 30 photos.  To enter your photos, or to find more details about the event, go to the Eggbert page.