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Pictures from our Kitchener Public Library Show

What a fantastic experience it has been to have an image printed by a skilled printer (thank you Gregg Parsons), framed by an excellent quality framer (thank you Don Corby) and then hung in a gallery setting.

From Feb 28-March 27 our images were on display at the Kitchener Public Library Art gallery at the main branch.  Our thanks to the photographers who contributed images and a huge thank you to the hard-working folk who organized the printing, framing and hanging- Joyce Brant, Sandra Roemer, Lynn Fulton, Jean Weller, Julie Seiler, Meghan Bree, Bonnie Schaffer and the chief organizer, Caroline Lajoie.

On March 11 we had a reception to celebrate. Andrzej Godlewski kindly became the official event photographer.

The take-home message: don’t be afraid to print and hang your images! You will enjoy looking at them.

Competition Updates and KPL

Hello everyone!!

I just posted the Competition Manual updates.  The schedule has been updated and some things in the Manual itself.  So take a look.  Take note also that there will be no Nature category for Round 2.  We’re going to try something different and have switched it to Portrait instead.  There is a definition for what will be accepted for Portraits in the Manual.

In-club Round 2 – Live judging on Thursday April 23, 2015 @ 7pm

Eggbert – Thursday May 14, 2015 @ 7pm (GRIPS is hosting this year)


For those of you who have a picture hanging at the Kitchener Public Library…it’s up!!

We hung the images this past weekend and they all look wonderful.  Thanks to those who were there to help.  So make sure you all get out there and take a look.  Our gala evening is on March 11th @ 7pm.  I’ll be sending out the invitations to all those involved and you can forward them to everyone that you’d like to attend.  Of course all GRIPS members are invited.  🙂

That’s it for now.  I’ll get some of the In-club Round 1 winning images posted as soon as I can.




KPL Gallery Showing 2015

Happy New Year to you all!!

We now have to begin the process of preparing for the showing at the Kitchener Public Library in March 2015.

I have extended the submission deadline to Sunday, January 11, 2015.  We will be meeting between Jan. 13th and 18th to make the selections.  Please take note of the filename format in the form and please use ONLY this format.  I’ve put clear instructions on the form, however if you have any difficulties please contact me at  Also, I’ve moved the date back obviously to give us more time to prepare, but if you have some issues and need an extension, please contact myself or Thelma (  We really need to stick close to the deadlines to have enough time for printing and framing…but, stuff happens.  🙂   We want all members to have an opportunity to participate and will do our best to see that you all have that.

We still have to decide on how payment will work.  I’m thinking the easiest way will be to post a Paypal link here on the webpage.  The one thing that is for certain is that ALL payment must be received before the ordering is done. All the framed pictures will be hung with a presentation card attached…this will include the title of your image, your name and a price if you are choosing to sell it.  As stated in the form, your image title IS NOT the same as your file name.  We will have GRIPS cards on a table we will set up and people wishing to purchase an image can contact GRIPS and we will in turn forward the information to you.  GRIPS will not be handling any of the purchase details, once contacted it will be up to you to proceed.

As we get closer to March there will be lots to do so if you are at all interested in lending a hand in the prep work, please contact us.  We still have a few details to iron out, but again, if you have any questions, please let us know.

The showing will begin the first week of March and our Opening Night will be March 11th (we haven’t confirmed a start time yet).  It’s non-alcoholic, but we will have sparkling beverages of some sort and maybe snacks too.  It’s the night to invite your friends and family, have a chit chat with all who attend and most importantly have fun.

So – get your artwork in and lets begin.!!

Caroline 🙂

Details and pricing – KPL Gallery Showing

Image Submission Form –

KPL Submission

  • Please use the following filename format, making changes as they apply to you. ABSOLUTELY NO DASHES OR SPACES. 1_firstname_lastname_8x10_white_LS.jpg , The 1 at the beginning designates your choice preference (1,2,3 as in 1st, 2nd, 3rd), 8x10 represents print size so can also be 11x14, white represents matte color (white/black/offwhite), LS represents - landscape...use PT for portrait orientation.
  • When you are satisfied that all titles are what you want, that the image filenames are correct (very important) and you have answered all questions, follow the verification instructions and click on Submit at the bottom of the form. You will see a confirmation page when your submission is completed. DO NOT click on Submit more than once!
  • Section





GRIPS welcomes Denise Ippolito to Canada!

We are really excited to welcome  Denise Ippolito to Canada!  Denise will be presenting  “A Blend of Art and Nature” on Monday June 3, 2013.  For further information on the event, click here

For more information about Denise, check out her website at, and don’t forget to mark you calendar! Tickets for this event are $20, and are available at the following link:  Denise Ippolito – “A Blend of Art and Nature” Tickets




Location Wilfred Laurier University, Science Building, Room N1001

See Map of Science Building <Click Here>