2016 In-club Competition Themes

These are the two ‘Theme’s for Round 1 and Round 2 for 2015-16:

Round 1 – Collections

This theme is designed to highlight collections/groups of similar things.  The main subject of the image must be a group of like objects or materials that are accumulated in one place.  The grouping(s) must be similar in shape or texture or color or function as long as this feature unites them.  They must be captured in the camera without multiple exposures and not computer generated.

Round 2 – Water

This theme is an exploration of water.  The image is to depict water in any of its states… steam, ice, rain,  etc., any of the ways you can find it.  Again the image must be captured in camera and not computer generated.

Please read the Competitions Manual for 2015-2016 and make note of any changes.  Not all dates are firm as of yet and some not decided.  The most important change to note is the image size for competition – this upcoming year we ARE changing to the CAPA standard of 1400 x 1050 SRGB.

I will post the CAPA competitions list shortly.  We are still in need of a CAPA representative!!

It looks like summer is finally here so I hope you all enjoy it.